19 July 2006

Hot Hot Hot

Phew just been outside and its going to be another hot day! Its meant to change again tomorrow though with thunderstorms (eeeek!) Well I hope you all manage to keep cool. Heard a good tip on the radio this morning, fill a hot water bottle with cold water put in the fridge, when its cold put on your feet and ankles!

Well best get to my 18C air-con office, tee hee!!!!! No seriously you know I would share it if I could! Hope you all manage to keep cool....x


flicker said...

Is it really 18c nic? If so, I would be freezing, I would have to be wearing a couple of sweatshirts at that temperature. It has to be 21 at least, for me to be wearing just one indoors when I'm sitting around. Its a bit cloudy here, not sure whether I will be going to beach or not now. :(

oldcrow61 said...

I've been hearing about your heat wave on the news. It's been very hot here as well this past couple of days. In the 30's. All one can do is sit and sweat, lol.