01 July 2006

Sod it!

The house work can wait!!!

Just waiting for the camera battery to charge up then Im off out for the afternoon, I wont tell you where as it will spoil the suprise!!! Lovely sunny day today, might even top up the tan. Days like this my ideal location would be by the sea, somewhere in wales would be nice as there is some lovely coastal areas there.

Dont worry Jan, if I do make it to wales this year, I will bring some sunshine with me, then take back the rain when I come home :) Now where are my shorts ???


oldcrow61 said...

Hope you have a great day Nic, looking forward to seeing pictures.

Pauline said...

oooooo was going out.. maybe wait in for Nic now lol.

flicker said...

Yeah, come to Wales Nic, it would be great to meet you and show you some lovely places round here. :)

Great pictures btw.