22 July 2006

Oh dear

Get pc sorted, cams sorted and no bloody yahoo!!

Its much cooler here after the rain, so ive been using the time to catch up with some stuff, got Turin brakes cd on, nice and relaxing but feel a change coming on, not sure what though I want to listen too, amazes me ive many cd's but will only listen to a select number! Ah sod it will put nina simmone on. Thats better ish, hmm may change it again in a wee while.

Suprisngly after not much sleep this week I feel wide awake! Ive got the new keyboard and mouse working in the end, hey it was easy really ;)

So much to say with so little words to say it in, I often get like that, head racing ten to the dozen but can never find the words I want to say, or end up stuttering, as I normally do at work. Think the problem is my mouth cant keep up with my head, when I used to work with old boss it was fine, as I could talk a load of crap and she knew what I was on about. Aww she is such a lovely lady, found out last year she had ms, really not fair at all, if there was one person in the whole world that didnt deserve that its her. Still she is battling on with it, ive the upmost respect and admiration for that, although as she would say, whats the point in dwelling on it, just got to get on with it.

When she first told me, I was fairly blindsided by it, her family were phoning in tears, she felt like crap. I of course offered if it got bad to push her wheelchair, plus asked if she got a discount..I can still remember her laughing and calling me a bitch or words to that effect. Really pisses me off when some one so good gets something like that. Although Im not a feeling person, I can never find the right words to say, not that I make a joke of her illness at all, but if I can make it a bit brighter then I will. Plus she gets a blue badge so handy for parking....oh that seems cruel but trust me she would be laughing, honest!!!


oldcrow61 said...

You've got to admire the attitude your old boss has. She sounds like quite a woman.

Boo said...

Yes, that is often the way Nic. So sad, but she sounds super