01 July 2006

Knebworth House and Gardens

Havnt been here for quite some time, never in summer either bizarrely. Well I was going to walk there, as its only 2 miles, however I figured out how I could get near there, but you have to then try and cross the A1, plus 2 roundabouts with no underpass or paths. Hmmmm I didnt fancy getting squished so I got a taxi there, bit decadent really, I would have walked if there was no danger in me being run over!!!

I got dropped off at the toll part, then its about 1 mile to walk to the house and gardens, ALL UP HILL!!! When I say uphill, more like mountainous in some parts, bare in mind its extremely hot here today too! First thing I did when I got to the house and gardens, sit in shade and drink water.

Walked round the gardens, really lovely, several pond which were packed full of damsels, everywhere you looked, quite happy to sit there for ages and use a whole memory card.

There are also several other parts, including rose garden, walled garden, dino trail (ha ha), woodland walk, maze..although I didnt even find the maze to go in it (probably good job as I would still be there) I didnt go in the house as it was too nice a day really. Found a nice part of the park laid down and basked in the glorious sunshine.

Would have stayed longer but my hayfever was starting to niggle me, plus a wedding was being held there so headed off home. Think I will head for a nice cool shower, then maybe a spell in the garden.

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flicker said...

Brings back a few memories Nic, although it was just a park when I went there, no dinosaurs! I went to a classic car event there, I'll try and find some pictures of my mate Sandi sitting in a drag racing car.... :)