09 July 2006

More walking...

Its to help with my breathing, with the hayfever it brings on asthma too, ive noticed of late that im some what struggling to breathe, so the ideal solution is too increase my fitness and my lungs! Yeah I will cut down on the smoking too, have to now as Ive made a promise, dont like breaking them. Ive only had 7 so far today which is good!!!

Anyway so the plan is to walk 3-5 mile per day, depending on time etc. I want to at least walk for an hour...10 mins warming up, 40 mins all out arm swinging, arse wiggling walking, then 10 mins cooling down walking. Oh dont worry I dont own any Lycra, there was a woman at the shop yesterday (sorry this will sound bitchy, really im not a bitch but have to tell you) I think you should only wear Lycra if you are stick size and even then not in public, well this lady was far from being a stick, I was mesmerized at how she could a) fit in it and b) go out in public like it. No I admire her confidence in wearing it, but there was a little too much on show if you know what I mean!!!

So thats it for today, going to fill up the feeders and water baths. Have a long soak with lots of bubbles, then I may put a film on...hmmm dirty dancing again?


Anonymous said...

I like Dirty Dancing! Eric Carmens "Hungry Eyes" is great.

nicola said...

I used to have the soundtrack on LP, not sure what happened to it now :(