18 July 2006

Its hot!

Apparently with the temps set to rise even further...thank goodness for the air-con at work. Ive worked in many places without it during the summer months and its not pleasant...

I feel really good at the moment which is such a nice change, Im of course wondering how long it will last, but trying not to think too much about it, but just enjoy it for how ever long it does last.

Ive started also to do my kickboxing video too, I used to to it daily which was such a great stress reliever. Although I dont unfortunately have much co-ordination so when it comes to punching with one hand and kicking with the opposite leg, I get quite confused, normally ending up in a heap on the floor. However I will keep going with it as it does make you feel great after, well after you can breathe and stand up again :)

Apart from that not much else is happening, too hot to go out walking, as there is no air about which isnt pleasant. Got another work thing on Wednesday straight after work....YAY!!!!! Still only til about 8pm so I guess not too bad.

New hog (or weedy as Karwin named him) is still staying over in the box, still surprised at this as I would have thought to hot to stay in there. When he/she has got more used to me I will attempt to see if she is a boy or girl. Already have two girls, so would be nice to have a chap about the place again, for them too..

OH well, best go and earn some more pennies.................will skip to work with big grin!!

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Boo said...

Glad to hear you are feeling good!