30 January 2007

Mice are back!!

Last night on cam, saw one mouse that was back and eating, havnt seen them for a while so nice to see one last night. The cam seems to be misting up some in the weather, but Im sure it will be clear once the hogs are back again. Last year it was 1 April so not long, plus if this mild weather continues maybe even earlier ?

Birds are out in full force this morning, all singing and chasing each other, still a little early, but its lovely to listen to first thing in the morning, gives you a boost for the day! Expecting to find out about values today at work so should know where I am and what I need to get some good incentive payments. Of course the majority of the payments will go on organic chicken! But when I know whats what, I may also have some other plans this year....Not going to say too much now as it might not happen, but one can plan and dream!

Well best get ready for work, we have some one over today, staying for 3 weeks shadowing so best not be late! I hate it when I have someone shadowing puts me off somewhat, ah well never mind..

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oldcrow61 said...

Ah, must be great to hear the birds all singing, can't wait myself.