04 March 2007

head hurts

I much prefer to go out to the pub with blokes rather than women (sorry), but it’s much easier as there is no pretence or agendas it’s just drinking and watching the talent. I rather like the fact that their little egos are instantly boosted with a pint and the fact that they automatically think they stand a chance with every woman in the room! Most of the night was spent with me saying “no chance” to have the reply “if I did ………” the rest is too rude for me to put on here.

Too be fair they were picking out men for me too. Pretty boys with weird shaped arses though, Im not really into pretty boys, I like a man to be a man and use fewer products than me in the bathroom, plus not to be too worried about how his hair looks.

Anyway it was a good evening, but due to the fact that I haven’t really drunk in about 3 weeks, the little I had last night has caused for a slight overhang this morning, my head is a bit like cotton wool, so will take it easy today.

Phill has gone off to Baku for 3 weeks, a flying visit from him, but when he comes back he has promised to cut the grass and sort a few things in the house. I now just need to sort out the explosion he has left behind in the house.

Yesterday was good fun at Barnes, the weather was lovely, I was struggling at several points with the urge to run, nothing to do with where or who I was with at all, just the way I was feeling, but I am so glad I stuck with it, as everyone was lovely, plus we saw some cool birds.

Well today the weather is shite so not so sure I will be going out today; it’s nice though when you can have a day at home pottering about, I haven’t really got anything that needs to be done urgent. I have some moon photos I need to look at and put on other blog. Need to make some plans, plus need to re-build my wall again, think I am going to make it a lot higher and tougher this time around, so it’s much much stronger.

Well that’s about it for now..


Anna said...

Oh Nic, sorry I didn't know you were feeling like that! Probably wouldn't have been able to help any, but still...

It was a really nice day. I'm knackered, but it ws worth it.

nicola said...

anna thanks, but I was ok, just sometimes find it a bit tough, but I certainly didnt want to bring it all up there, after all we was there to see birdies, had a lovely day too

nicola said...


Anna said...

Yeah, I understand. People can be hard work sometimes, especially ones you don't know!