29 March 2007

No Rat

Watched playback this morning and no rat seen again, so hopefully its found some where else to live! Pleased I didn't have to do anything drastic, but will still keep an eye out for any return visits.

Oh I got a contact from friends reunited last night, from a girl I used to share a house with in Scunthorpe! What a bolt out of the blue that was! Anyway she is still living near York and has a son! Blimey haven't seen her for 11 years, but we are going to plan to meet up this year as she might be visiting London, so will meet her down there!

Phill decided yesterday to do some spring cleaning! Came home after a hell on earth day at work, to find my front room upside down, it was a nice thing for him to do, but as I was stressed from work, it was difficult not to chastise his timing, I just asked that by the time I got back from the dentist it was all back to how it was again. Of course when I got back from the dentist it was still the same, so had to help finish the job.. Dentist was fine, he did a lovely job and now I am pain free..YIPPPEEEE My desk here has now all been changed but he has tidied up all the wires, so he did do a good job bless him, just sometimes you want to come home from work and not have to start putting your house back together again!!!

Think he is here for another week too, but that's ok, its nice to have some company, but the tv being on constant does strain my Patience some what!

Oh well, soon be Friday, then its Easter so nice long weekend to look forward too. Hope the weather is nice...


oldcrow61 said...

Yay, pain free...that's great Nic. I have to admire your patience when you came home from work and found your front room all upside down. I'm afraid I would have totally lost it! lol

Anonymous said...

Nice to have visitors Nic, but better to know when they're going to go away!
Been 'there' recently with a young friend whose marriage broke down. Two weeks turned into six!
Nightmare, so eventually told him to go...actually, it did make him re-focus! He admitted that.

Toothache....as Robbie Burns said "is the hell of all diseases" so very glad your dentist has got you sorted!

Take care,

Ogg Den