13 March 2007

owwww continues

sorry if this is getting boring......this morning feels like my face has been hit by a truck, was considering calling in sick, but remembered I have some stuff to do, so will go and do that then see how I feel, but will try and get an early bath.

Hog news, he/she isnt coming til about 4 am, did eat a little more last night, my thoughts are that there must be some one else in the area feeding too, as a hog out of hibernation wouldnt eat as little as this one is doing and be the size it is. Great others are feeding too, will really give them a chance this year!

Apart from that not much else to say. The moss in the garden is being pulled up by the birds (great). Ive actually stuck some on the bird table too, just to give them a head start, I will have to think about cutting the grass soon though, as all this sunshine its growing like a dont know what!

Oh well, best get ready for work.


oldcrow61 said...

Nic, you should call the dentist and tell him about the pain. We have both had root canal work done and haven't suffered as you have. In fact, as far as I understand there should be little or no pain after.

Pauline said...

Your tooth should nt hurt at all Nic, maybe a bit tender, but no more than that, did they give you antibiotics?, sounds like an infection.

When Hansel used to come home in Spring, he did nt eat very much, it would take him a few days to settle down to eating, and they never eat like they do for hibernation.

Jan said...

Once the root has been removed, along with the nerve, there shouldn't be any pain, only soreness where the gum and jaw has been bashed a bit. Hope you got sorted out with it nic. :(

nicola said...

Im sure its just where he has been doing the work, im a sensative soul. Ive been on antibiotics but finished the course now. I will see how it goes, if its no better in a couple of days I will call him.

Janine said...

You might want to call up the doc nic. There shouldnt be so much pain afterward if youve got pain killers. When I had my wisdom teeth out they put me on antibiotics for a full 7 days afterward. Maybe you need a stronger painkiller.
Hope all is well and it gets better soon.

Boulmer Birder said...

Try dreaming about my Toads, that'll take your mind off it;-)