06 March 2007


Mostly I am a very placid laid back kind of a girl, I do not enjoy being mean to others, im not aggressive in the slightest, too be honest I cant be bothered normally. There are some things that do get my goat though. Like this morning, a car didn’t stop at the zebra crossing; he went straight past me then parked a little down the road. This to me is so rude, plus you are meant to stop at them.

As I walked past he was getting out the car, I though about asking him if he actually saw the crossing or knew what one was, but I was feeling quite mellow this morning, so settled on an evil glare, he looked back at me, he knew why he was being glared at. That mainly is the extent of me being cross with some one then it’s forgotten in an instant.

Later that day, some one showed me their aggression. There isn’t many times that I have felt scared in my job, the branch I work in has pretty much all nice people that come in so don’t really get any hassle. However today a man decided that as I wouldn’t do his request he would have a go. The door got the brunt of his aggression and my table as he pushed it towards me, he was muttering stuff too. The door is one of these automatic ones but he managed to bash it against the wall. Nice huh!?! Still never mind.

All this and I have chronic toothache! Now since being here Ive never registered with a dentist, mainly due to it’s never crossed my mind and the nightmare I had when I had my wisdom teeth taken out: I tell you waking up too soon, pulling out the padding and 3 infections later is enough to put anyone off. I don’t really suffer with tooth problems, wash them twice a day, use mouth wash and I floss. This pain though was unbearable, all up my lower jaw, not good.

After a ring round I find a close by dentist, private (of course), but I went after work to see him. Nice chap, south African, was struggling to understand what he said, in fact I answered some questions completely wrong and he looked at me a bit odd. Anyway turns out the filling I had done about 4 years ago, was over filled, which has meant that it is killing the nerve (?). An abysses is forming (oh joy) under the tooth, which is causing the pain. Treatment, an hour next week having root work or something like that. Sounds painful to me I know that much. Ive also been given 2 types of anti-biotic to take before then. Christ dentists are expensive!! He said my other teeth were good so at least no problems there. In the end though it will cost about £270!!!!

Did think about sending the new lens that I got today, but after a short play at lunchtime I just couldn’t as I love it. So fast and quiet too. Such a good lens.

So my plans of going out this w/e to either Beds to see the flutters or Cambridge for spring flowers will have to be shelved 


Pete said...

hope you feel better soon

Jan said...

Oh no nic, are there no NH dentists taking on patients that you could change to? That's a phenominal amount! Talk about holding people to ransome. What if you haven't got that sort of money? You just suffer in agony forever? It's disgusting. :(

Janine said...

Congrats on the new lens, hope your teeth get fixed up soon.
Thanks so much for the lovely birthday card and pressie! I have named her Esmeralda :D

nicola said...

I tried a few jan, but no-one taking on NHS, so will have to pay, I cant put up with this pain... Its ok I will figure a way to pay, hmmmm wonder if selling my body would work??

You are welcome janine, just pleased it got there ok, sorry it was a trifle late..