12 April 2006

Oh Im dizzy!! I must some where post instructions on how to join Yahoo!! Once some one has signed on its plain sailing but until then its loads of pm's, still always worth it as you get to know some more great people! I feel bad for the people trying to join, as yahoo isnt the easiest of messengers to use, but is good as you can view more than one cam..which on msn you cant.

Well ive got my lunch date sorted for friday, am really looking forward to it, as I havnt had a good natter for ages! Will goto local pub for lunch and a few jars! Then will catch up on all the latest gossip...yay!

Well the pain is now in my neck and arm, and ive realised I havnt got any painkillers so will get the hot water bottle out tonight, with 2 duvets and socks for my feets....will cook!!

Oh I had the weirdest of dreams last night, I was having relations with phill mitchel from eastenders and we flew away in a helicopter (which was blue and yellow) to this house that had been rigged with guns (which I knew from when I was kidnapped earlier) and I was like dont go in there, as David Wicks (enders) was trying to kill him and keep me. I was proper snogging phill mitchel too as we stood on some steps he was like dont worry babe we wont die just stay still, then the house started to explode and I woke up....odd!!!!


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yeah I wonder what it means?

Boo said...

Cor Nic, what on earth are you eating before bedtime?