29 April 2006

J & G

For some reason unknown to me I am forever apologising to complete strangers about any defect that I have. For instance I went to another branch today as they were short. Being taken out of my comfort zone isnt a problem as such..only when it comes to J & G. Confused? Ok I will explain.

I have a problem recognising the letters (a nightmare on word verification I can tell you) So when some one says to me their name of anything that starts with a J or G im hovering over the keyboard for a good few minutes sounding it out in my head, or I write it down so I can get the right one. Not a problem normally as most people who I come into contact with on a daily basis know this. Today however it was a nightmare as there were lots of J & G's. This got me into many a fluster and apologising for my lack of J & G recognition, for which I got many a confused look.

Apart from that been and ok day, wasnt particularly busy for a Saturday, dont think I was really needed. As I was in town I decided to do my shopping in Tescos. I dont normally shop there as it is always so busy but just wanted to get it out of the way. So many screaming kids and adults though, I was soon feeling like I was about to have a panic attack. Resisting the urge to leave my trolley and run out the store screaming, I did finish the shopping and got a taxi home.

Now I have a pile of post to open and cheques to pay in for the business. P11d/b is still waiting as are the P60's. Trip to the coast is off, so im going to do some work in the garden and hopefully clean out the hog boxes. Oh and I still need to go shopping as the chicken in tescos didnt look that good, fussy hogs here will turn their noses up at it Im sure.


Pauline said...

Not quite sure what you mean about the G s and J s Nic, it must be something like me, I don t know my left from right, so have to think everytime, it was a nightmare learning to drive, My son Alan is the same, but Justin and Jo are ok.

Boo said...

Poor Nic, they DO sound the same, anyone could make the same mistake!

janine13 said...

Love the bathtime pics!