06 April 2006

Ok very quick run down as I have chores to do and shouldn't really be on here! Last night saw some lovely hogs getting a bit frisky now I though that this would be too early but well mating is from May - September so perhaps this is the trial run. However Mrs Hog is having none of it at the moment so mr hog is going to have to try a lot harder if he will win her over. Looking forward to some more hoglets though.

My day? Well been a bag of crap, far too much for my fingers to type so forgive me but Im not, needless to say I feel extremely washed out, done in, hacked off (I would normally be swearing at this point) and completely fed up. Still new day tomorrow which I hope will be better as I cant cope!!!!!!!!!

Well best go and do my chores after all they arnt going to do themselves now are they, oh if only...

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