07 April 2006

Well 3 hours to go and Im clock watching. Ive been a bit stressed of late, trying to do too many things. Not only work but there is the business too that I am having to run, trying to sort out that is giving me a headache!

My day? Well so far Ive been on the phone for most of it dealing with others problems. Which is fine I dont mind doing that, even had to get my stroppy voice on for a number of them. Im a very placid person but any injustice against others and well thats it.

W/E hmm well got payroll and end of year to run, stack of post needs opening and sorting out so trip to Cambridge is off ho hum. No new i/r light for me as yet. Might try and get out some where on Sunday but as to where I dont know as yet will have to think on that one.. well best be back to work

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