10 April 2006

Positive Planning (not calling it a list)

Ok here is my plan for today!

Get up on time - Check in fact I was up earlier

Be Positive - Ok not feeling too bad

Have a spectacular day at work - need to

Find plumbing internet site with instructions on how to change washer

Buy bits to change washer

Leave work at 5pm

Go for hour walk to combat any stress of the day

Omelet with salad for dinner

Fix tap

Ok that shouldnt be too hard should it?

Hog news, well much as I thought last night it was too cold and wet for any romance but they still managed a rolling around session. I think also one one has stayed over too, I wonder where she is sleeping? Makes me laugh though as she now keeps trying to get into his box knowing full well he is in there and she sits in the porch tormenting him! Funny hogs.

Well Im off to have a great day!

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