04 April 2006

Back at work blues

Dont know what is wrong today, but Ive been a right dizzy daydreamer all day, often found myself just staring into space not thinking about anything particulary just daydreaming!! Its not good!!! Still first day back at work today, was ok fairly quiet and no dramas. I have modified the new hog box to a smaller entrance the other one was a bit large as the wood snapped! I seem to also have a large number of texts today on mobile, most unusual for me, but then a number of people of late have been moaning at me for having my phone switched to silent or not with me.

One thing that does slightly erk me is people who withhold their numbers and then do not leave a message, so you dont know who has phoned or what they wanted. Still am trying to keep phone with me and not on silent to keep everyone happy! I should perhaps change the ring tone too so I can actually hear the thing when it rings.

Got great hog video footage of the scrap last night, poor hog was being rolled about like a ball, still thats nature I guess. Hopefully they will settle down, now Im thinking they must be both males, but Im sure one is female, will have to wait and see on that one.

Apart from that not much has been happening, Im currently listening to sheryl crow, an album from 1996 cant think of the name off hand, was one of the first batch of cd's that I bought! Was so proud of my cd player, it had been tapes up til then. Trying now to think of the first album I ever bought, ahhh was depeche mode..violator I think, yup im old enough (just) to remember vinal!

Im on a fire marshals course tomorrow, dont really want to go but I suppose some one has to do it! I bet its not run by hunky fireman either..oh well Id better find something more productive to do I guess

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