11 April 2006


Well I was up on time again today (must be a record) had a slight coughing fit about 1.30am which woke me up, luckily I had some cough medicine and now I feel like I have a rotton cold coming. I considered putting a peg on my nose and calling in sick then jumping back into bed, but well thats not me so will soldier on.

Hog news, too cold last night for the poor things, so not much on cam, still seems only one is sleeping here the other has a hog nap through out the night but is gone in the wee hours. Poor Tim has a rat! Saw it on his cam last night..Huge great thing, so now im worrying incase I get one too. Maybe I wont frighten all the cats away just yet...

Budget wise I spent £6.40 yesterday which isnt too bad, still shopping in waitrose but I did try Aldis or whatever it was. Went in and they dont have baskets only trolleys that needed a £1 coin. Didnt have any money on me. Thought ok will have a look round and see what I can carry, did that picked up a few bits went to buy them, one till open HUGE queue, so put them all back and went to waitrose..ah much better.

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