02 April 2006

The problem with me (well one of many) is that if Im going to do something or start something I get completely anal about it. For example now my financial situation has changed Im now examining every penny I spend.

Please do not think me as being up my own **** but ive not had to do that for a while, certain jobs have come with accommodation and no bills, and currently had reduced bills, I earn fairly good money and well to be honest never really had to think about the price of things. Not that has always been the case, there has been a time when I havnt had a penny to my name largely due to the fact that my boyfriend at the time decided to empty my bank account and run up debts on my cards. At the time I had nothing to make it worse I was also about to loose the house I was living in with no prospect of getting another..has to have been one of the worse times in my life, I remember at the time having no food and no money and eating some chocolate chip things I found that were a wee bit old to say the least!

Anyway im off subject again.. So now Im a responsible grown up with bills, it has got me thinking of waste, now Im fairly old fashioned in that I think all the bills should be paid firstly then what is left is left..so here are my priorities..

Rent - could get cheaper but I like it here
Council Tax - hmm dont start me on that one, but thats been paid for the year
Gas - gas heating and hob, well heatings not on anymore, got plenty of jumpers plus its getting milder so wont have heating on, hob yes I do use but if I boil stuff I always use kettle boiled water etc.
Electric - pretty good with that too, tv isnt on much, any non essential things are unplugged, like the microwave why have it plugged in to tell you the time, I have a watch thanks. Lights I use low voltage, the cams are low voltage, pc well I could cut down there I think
Water - metered so already try to limit. I shower dont have many baths, I can wash up once a day that will save some water.
Hog food - hmm thats a tough one
Bird food - hmm again a tough one
Cigarettes - hmmm Ok an ideal opportunity to quit, but not yet, I could smoke roll ups (un lady like) that would be cheaper
Internet - thats one thing tomorrow I will be looking into try and get a cheaper ISP
Food - The way I shop is a bit silly so I can change that, but well just now I went down to waitrose (last time) now 2 bits of chicken one costs £2.50 the other is organic £5.50, but the cheaper one looks crap, all sinewy. So I buy the organic and blow my food budget for the day. Im planning to make some weekly menus so will be easier to shop for.

There it is my list of priorities, am sure I can shave some more off the bills if I really try plus will be better for the environment! I dont have a car so no cost there(must tell you about my driving). This budgeting will become my new obsession every penny will have to be justified, oh I just know im going to do my head in!!!


Pete said...

abandoning waitrose eh

during a period of unemployment i cut my food bill a lot. Make own sarnies now for a start!!

Boo said...

Poor Nic, I am sure you will get your head round it eventually, after all your job is money!