30 April 2006

As promised some photos of the flowering cherry and crab apple. Have been pottering about in the garden most of the day. I have planted up a few shrubs and the rose bush. It is a wild garden but is semi - controlled. I have cut back some of the nettles, mainly where the hogs go to and from gardens. Also I have cut back some of the bramble as that goes mad if I dont keep a check on it. Now I have streaming eyes and my nose and ears are blocked up, so Im going down the shop to get some hog chicken then I might watch a film


Boo said...

Beautiful flowering cherry Nic, and I see you have Japonica too! Lovely, have you had any quinces on it yet?

Shame about your hay fever though. Bless.

oldcrow61 said...

Absolutely love the pictures Nic.