07 April 2006

I really do not want to goto work today.... I know its going to be a battle and to be honest Im getting quite sick of it. Every day I come home and I just want to scream or cry. Oh crap Im not even the type of gal to phone in sick either unless proper poorly and cant get out of bed. Oh well Deep Breathe, smile on face and its off to work I go..

On hog news, well back and fore all night it seems eating and drinking. Think its the female who has now claimed the box. Other box still standing there empty, still too new I guess. Really hope for a hog filled w/e YAY its FRIDAY!!!! Oh Pete will be pleased :)

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Pete said...

Hi Nic

I do sympathise!!

I've not had a sicky for yonks. Certainly not in present job 3.5 years.

and its Friday YAY!!