11 April 2006

What a miserable day its turning into..rainy days never help my mood..Ooops only meant to be posting happy blogs..... Yay I have another tax return to do for the lovely Inland Revenue, and the vat to run too at the end of the month YAY

5 Things I would like to do

Be on a nice sunny beach
Feel more positive
Make a difference in some ones day
Stop listing

5 things I need to do

Clean bathroom
Look at my bank account
Stop listing

5 things I will end up doing

Be home late from work
Shop at waitrose
Not hoovering
Not cooking pasta for tea
Oh and make a few lists for the coming w/e

Oh tap news, well its still dripping but I dont think I am in danger of it coming off completely as yet, although now I have just written this, whats the chances? Oh it will have to wait a wee bit longer. Now the ignition thing on the hob is playing up, turn gas on press switch nothing lean closer looking at gas ring whilst pressing ignition..no eyebrows!!

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