09 April 2006

drip..drip...drip....drip...that blinkin tap is driving me mad!

Hogs so far well one in each box, she was pushed in there by him! He has just gone off hunting now but too wet for romance tonight I think. They never stray far when its cold and wet I fed them in their porches tonight so they didnt have to go too far for food...yes spoilt hogs I know

My mood well odd, feeling very tense for some reason and oh wide awake again surprise bloody surprise. But im ok I think. I need to be more positive about things though and see more good than what isnt good, but will work on that for this week.

Ok my week list is..
1. Go shopping
2. Cook a meal that isnt pasta
3. Have a good week at work
4. P11d/b
5. Go for my walk every night
6. Be in bed by 10.30 each night
7. Sleep
8. Improve my mood
9. Post only happy blogs
10. hmmmmm

Not a bad list will see if I can manage it!!!!!

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