28 April 2006

Im on top of a building..I dont know why I am up there (especially as Im not fond of heights) Quite a tall building too I keep looking down thinking what on earth am I doing up here. Strangely I kept being drawn to the side and looking over was very windy up there too. Suddenly there were 2 helicopters above my head whirring around some-one in there was shouting "she is going to jump"..I thought to myself no Im not, but why am I up here. They then proceeded to start to shoot at me. So I ran and found some stairs, started my decent down the stairs, running as fast as I can so fast Im missing out stairs as I go. The stairs are endless and more and more and more appear, I keep thinking I must be at ground level now, but there are just more stairs. I bolt out a door and Im back on the top of the building again, the helicopters are still there shooting at me. Some are out and on the building too. Im running away closer to the edge there is no where else to go..Im falling...

Then thankfully I woke up, one of those bolt up in bed awakenings, my dreams can be so frustrating at times.

YIPPEE ITS FRIDAY!!!!!!!!! Think today is going to be pretty hard, everyone will suddenly remember that it is bank holiday this coming Monday, so expect a harassed and knackered me when I come home


flicker said...

You can find out what your dreams mean, I expect there are online versions, but I used to have a book. Most of them can be worked out though without too much trouble.

I used to have a recurring dream, havent had it for quite some time now, but it would be a similar meaning to yours nic. Mine was I am being chased by a huge monster, its very dark and misty, I see big open iron gates in front of me and know that I will be safe once I get behind them, and shut the monster out. I go in, close the gates, but they don't meet in the middle, and the monster can still get me.... I wake up then. :(

Boo said...

Hmm very interesting dream Nic, what have you been up to, to have people shooting at you? Wonder if the stairs have anything to do with our conversation about relaxation the other night?

Hope you don't have too much harrassment today!