15 April 2006

No more drips!!

Ok it went like this...changed into tap fixing attire, got all tools out that I thought I would need. Looked at the offending tap through slit eyes as I knew he had, had his last drip. How do you get a tap off..thinks tried turning it nope that doesnt work, ok what if I try to prise it off with the screwdriver, nope but I nearly take my eye out..think it cant be that difficult. Looked at the other tap, oh the top bit comes off. Go back to offending tap flip the top bit off, oh yes there is a screw!

Wheres the cross head, search house (ah this is why Im told off for not putting things back where they live). Ok got it, undo screw, take the plastic bit out, hmm a spindle type thing is there. Oh get the spanner that has that adjusting thing on. Oh by the way I have switched off the water before starting.

Take out spindle thing. Doesnt look much wrong with it to me, but who am I to know. Ok off to B&Q. On the way think I wonder if you can replace the whole thing that might be easier. Get to the plumbing aisle and immediately confused, although I do see a leaflet with instructions on how to change a tap washer!!!

Ask an assistant..."no we dont do them" oh ok, decide to leave as the shop is heaving and the queues out the door. Go other road to builders merchant (how brave am I) Ask again for replacement spindly thing, young lad looks at me with almost sympathy in his eyes, mentioned plumber a few times. They didnt have the spindly things either so I ask him to pick me out some washers and Im away home.

Well Ive just put it all back together again. Switched on water and.............silence!! NO DRIPPING WHOOO HOOOOOOO!!!! How chuffed am I with myself.. Wondering now what other jobs I can tackle!!


Anna said...

Yay!! Go Nic!!! Fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Well done Nicola. :-))

Pauline said...

Ooooh you clever thing getting the tap fixed, I always try and fix things, can t be bothered to wait for people to come, and then they don t turn up, the last plumbing I did was the burst mains the rats ate in the shed lol.

Boo said...

Well done Nic, I don't think I could have done iy!