07 April 2006


Came home and there was some teaspoons darting about in the tree..lovely they always make me smile, also some greenies were darting about making the funny noise that they do. I realised I havnt been doing much of what I want to do of late so I need to work on being a bit more selfish in that area. Problem is Im not a selfish person. Hmm makes me think of making a list of all my attributes and marking the ones I could do better on. Oh thats another thing about me I love making lists even if I dont write them down I normally have about 4 mental ones on the go. Drives me a bit nuts at time but very useful. Only thing is I feel more down on myself when I dont achieve whats on the list. Hmm going to make a list of all my lists then burn it. Then I will be listless. Then I will make a new list of the things I want to do...oh and the cycle begins again..

Now you see why I drive myself mad???

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