14 April 2006

What a great day!

Well met my friend for lunch and even managed to be on time!! Went to local pub, had our usual table. For lunch we both had the Thai prawn wraps..yum! After 4 hours of constant chatting and catching up on all the latest goings on, she does make me laugh, it was time to come home.

I set up the camera as it was nice this afternoon, but the combination of warm sunshine and lunchtime drinking (always does it too me) it wasnt long before Id slipped onto the sofa for a snooze. I did set my alarm though so awoke an hour later, looked bleary eyed out to the garden and there was a thrush out there, tried to get photo but he was a lot quicker than I was!! Bit later I was watching the same thrush pull up loads of worms and swallow them down like spaghetti. Something flashed in the tree and to my delight another thrush was there, taking some grass into the ivy..fingers crossed!!!! Was happy this morning too as I saw a Jay, not quite in the garden though so cant really count it as a garden visitor. However 2 thrushes!!! Really made the perfect end to a great day!

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