24 April 2006

Was looking at the map stats this morning (yes im sad) and one good thing about them is that it shows where the visitor was referred from. Had a quick look this morning and there was one from turkey.. I looked at the Turkish blog is was referred from, scrolled down and there was one of my photos, with a mention of my blog. My Turkish isnt good so Im looking for a translator programme so I can see what has bee written!


If you scroll half way down you will see a picture of the churchyard I took..I dont mind seeing my photos on other blogs and he has kindly put a link...whats getting me is I dont understand what he has written on his blog.......Any ideas??


flicker said...

It's probably pointing out something like look at these English people, how they after their creatures, and how tasty they are to eat! (Only joking!)

What map is that Nic? How did you find out where they are referred from? I wanna do it to cos my blog isn't getting many looks. :(

nicola said...

Jan will get you the link later...also you can add yourself to some directories too

Boo said...

He/she must be able to read English so probably wouldn't mind telling you what they said and why they "lifted" your graveyard pic.

Why not try asking them?